Title Course Number Semester Instructor
Critical Writing Workshop English 8001 Fall Johanna Kramer
Academic Job Market Workshop English 8001 Fall Stephen Karian
Introduction to Graduate Study English 8005 Fall Emma Lipton
Theory and Practice of Composition English 8010 Fall Becca Hayes
Theory and Practice of Teaching in English English 8020 Spring Anne Myers
Contemporary Critical Approaches: Contemporary Literary Theory English 8050 Fall Carsten Strathausen
Seminar in Criticism and Theory: Racial Diasporas, Queer Theory, Feminisms, and New Materialisms English 8060 Fall Lynn Itagaki
Seminar in Criticism and Theory: Feminist Theory English 8060 Spring Elisa Glick
Seminar in Renaissance British Literature: Resistance, Rebellion, and Revolution in Premodern Britain English 8220 Fall Lee Manion
Seminar in Renaissance British Literature: Renaissance Poetry and Drama English 8220 Spring William Kerwin
Seminar in 19th Century American Literature: Realism and Naturalism English 8310 Spring John Evelev
Seminar in 20th-Century American Literature: Eco-Criticism & the American Novel English 8320 Fall Karen Piper
Seminar in African Diaspora Literature: New Black Iconoclasm English 8400 Spring Sheri-Marie Harrison
Advanced Writing of Fiction: Fantasy and Autofiction English 8510 Spring Trudy Lewis
Advanced Writing of Nonfiction Prose: Writing from Material Traces English 8520 Fall Julija Sukys
Advanced Writing of Poetry English 8530 Fall Aliki Barnstone
Advanced Writing of Poetry: Poetic Currencies English 8530 Spring Gabriel Fried