On this page, you will find our current course offerings with instructor information, course times, and course descriptions. For information about course modality, classrooms, and the requirements that courses fulfill, please go to MyZou and look up the course you are interested in.

NOTE: Courses marked with [***] on this page are part of the English Department’s online graduate program. These courses do not count towards Mizzou’s MA or PhD degrees in English for students receiving assistantships but are open to self-funded English MA students with the Director of Graduate Study’s approval. You can find a listing of only these online English graduate courses here:

Title Course Number Semester Year Instructor
Writing and Rhetoric ENGL 1000 Fall, Spring, Summer 2021 Various Instructors
Writing and Rhetoric (online) ENGL 1000 Spring 2021 Samuel Cohen
Writing and Rhetoric (online) ENGL 1000 Spring 2021 Cheryl Hall
Writing and Rhetoric (online) ENGL 1000 Spring 2021 Karen Piper
Honors Exposition English ENGL 1000H Spring 2021 Various Instructors
Human Language ENGL 1060 Spring 2021 Rebecca Grollemund
Themes in Literature: Black Magic (online) ENGL 1160 Spring 2021 Donald Quist
Introduction to British Literature (online) ENGL 1210 Spring 2021 Ariel Fried
Introduction to American Literature ENGL 1310 Spring 2021 Blake Estep
Introduction to Creative Writing ENGL 1500 Spring 2021 Gabriel Fried
Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction ENGL 1510 Spring 2021 Tyler Corbridge
Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction (blended) ENGL 1510 Spring 2021 Lacey Rowland
Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction (online) ENGL 1510 Spring 2021 Mikey Borgard
Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction (online) ENGL 1510 Spring 2021 Samantha Edmonds
Creative Writing: Introduction to Nonfiction Prose ENGL 1520 Spring 2021 Hayli Cox
Creative Writing: Introduction to Poetry (online) ENGL 1530 Spring 2021 Caylin Capra-Thomas
Creative Writing: Introduction to Poetry (online) ENGL 1530 Spring 2021 Micaela Bombard
Studies in English - Honors: Literature and Medicine ENGL 2000H Spring 2021 William Kerwin
Studies in English: Community Engagement Project - Honors/Writing Intensive ENGL 2000HW Spring 2021 Anne-Marie Foley
Studies in English: Community Engagement Project - Writing Intensive ENGL 2000W Spring 2021 Anne-Marie Foley
Intermediate Composition ENGL 2010 Spring 2021 Various Instructors
Professional Writing ENGL 2030 Spring 2021 Various Instructors
Writing about Literature: Antiphony: Call-and-Response in African American Literature (online) ENGL 2100 Spring 2021 Christopher Okonkwo
Writing about Literature: Origin Stories (online) ENGL 2100 Spring 2021 Anne Myers
Twentieth-Century Literature: Twenty-First Century Gothic - Diversity Intensive (online) ENGL 2140 Spring 2021 Maureen Konkle
Introduction to World Literature - Diversity Intensive (online) ENGL 2159 Spring 2021 Karen Piper
Introduction to Women's Literature, 1890-present - Diversity Intensive (online) ENGL 2180 Spring 2021 Trudy Lewis
Missouri Writers (online) ENGL 2310/2310H Spring 2021 Samuel Cohen
Introduction to African Diaspora Literature -- Diversity Intensive (online) ENGL 2400 Spring 2021 Clenora Hudson-Weems
Creative Writing: Intermediate Fiction (traditional) ENGL 2510 Spring 2021 Scott Garson
Creative Writing: Intermediate Fiction - Diversity Intensive (online) ENGL 2510 Spring 2021 Gwendolyn Edward
Creative Writing: Intermediate Nonfiction Prose ENGL 2520 Spring 2021 Ashley Anderson
Creative Writing: Intermediate Poetry ENGL 2530 Spring 2021 Paul Daniel Lee
American Film History I, 1895-1950 (online) ENGL 2830 Spring 2021 Ramsay Wise
Themes and Genres: History and Theory of Animation (online) ENGL 2860 Spring 2021 Joanna Hearne
Film and Literature: New Directions in Adaptation - Writing Intensive ENGL 2870 Spring 2021 Nancy West
Intermediate Studies in English: Video Games & Storytelling (online) ENGL 3000 Spring 2021 Nick Potter
Sexuality and Gender Theory: Sexuality Studies -- Diversity Intensive (online) ENGL 3080 Spring 2021 Elisa Glick
Special Themes in Literature: Encountering the New World ENGL 3110 Spring 2021 David Read
Special Themes in Literature: Young Adult Literature (online) ENGL 3119 Spring 2021 Kim McCaffrey
World Dramatic Literature: Staging Collapse: Greek and African-American Tragic Drama -- Writing Intensive and Diversity Intensive (traditional) ENGL 3170W Spring 2021 William Kerwin & Timothy Love
Survey of British Literature: Beginnings to 1784 -- Writing Intensive (online) ENGL 3200W Spring 2021 Lee Manion
Survey of British Literature: Romanticism to the Present (online) ENGL 3210 Spring 2021 Elizabeth Chang
Survey of American Literature: Beginnings to 1865 - Writing Intensive (online) ENGL 3300 Spring 2021 Aliki Barnstone
Survey of American Literature: 1865 to Present (traditional) ENGL 3310 Spring 2021 Andrew Hoberek
Survey of African American Literature: 1900 to the Present -- Diversity Intensive (online) ENGL 3410 Spring 2021 Christopher Okonkwo
Gender and the Politics of Representation ENGL 3850 Spring 2021 Erick Burdock
Studies in Film History: Season of the Witch: Female Monstrosity in Film (blended) ENGL 3850 Spring 2021 Erick Burdock
Writing and Theory for Digital Media - Writing Intensive (online) ENGL 3880W Spring 2021 Nick Potter
Studies in Writing: Writing Social Change ENGL 4040/7040 Spring 2021 Becca Hayes
Rhetorical Studies: Cultural Rhetorics (online) ENGL 4045/7045 Spring 2021 Jaquetta Shade-Johnson
Genres, 1890 to the Present: Crime Fiction (blended) ENGL 4109/7109 Spring 2021 Nancy West
Borders, Barrios, and Bridges: Latino/a Literatures in the United States (online) ENGL 4129/7129 Spring 2021 Adriana Mendez Rodenas
Major Authors, 1603 to 1789: Shakespeare: Tragedies and Romances (blended) ENGL 4167/7167 Spring 2021 David Read
Major Women Writers, 1789-1890: The Brontë Sisters - Diversity Intensive (online) [***] ENGL 4188/7188 Spring 2021 Elizabeth Chang
Introduction to Old English (traditional) ENGL 4200/7200 Spring 2021 Johanna Kramer
Medieval Literature: Chaucer and Spenser (online) ENGL 4210/7210 Spring 2021 Lee Manion
19th century American Literature: The American Novel to 1900 (online) [***] ENGL 4310/7310 Spring 2021 John Evelev
Africana Womanism - Diversity Intensive (online) ENGL 4420/7420 Spring 2021 Clenora Hudson-Weems
Advanced Fiction: The Storytelling Tradition (online) ENGL 4510/7510 Spring 2021 Speer Morgan
Creative Writing: Advanced Nonfiction Prose: People and Places (online) ENGL 4520/7520 Spring 2021 Julija Šukys
Creative Writing: Advanced Poetry (online) ENGL 4530/7530 Spring 2021 Aliki Barnstone
Adaptation of Literature for the Stage: Mapping Mizzou: Identity, Citizenship, and Place - Diversity Intensive (blended) ENGL 4570/7470 Spring 2021 Claire Syler
History of the English Language (online) ENGL 4610/7610 Spring 2021 Matthew Gordon
Regional and Social Dialects of American English - Diversity Intensive (online) ENGL 4620/7620 Spring 2021 Matthew Gordon
Syntax (online) ENGL 4640/7640 Spring 2021 Michael Marlo
Field Methods - Writing Intensive (online) ENGL 4670W/7670 Spring 2021 Michael Marlo
Culture and Media: Global Indigenous Media - Diversity Intensive (online) ENGL 4840/7840 Spring 2021 Joanna Hearne
Internship in Publishing: Missouri Review (online) ENGL 4950/7950 Spring 2021 Marc McKee
Internship in Publishing: Persea Books ENGL 4950/7950 Spring 2021 Gabriel Fried
Capstone Experience: Poetry amid a Pandemic - Writing Intensive (online) ENGL 4970W Spring 2021 Anne Myers
Capstone Experience: Speculative Pasts - Writing Intensive (online) ENGL 4970W Spring 2021 Maureen Konkle
Career Exploration Workshop (1-credit course) ENGL 8001 Spring 2021 Andrew Hoberek
Critical Writing Workshop (1-credit course) (online) ENGL 8001 Spring 2021 Emma Lipton
Theory and Practice of Teaching in English (1-credit course) (online) ENGL 8020 Spring 2021 Samuel Cohen
Theory and Practice of Teaching Creative Writing (1-credit course) (online) ENGL 8030 Spring 2021 Phong Nguyen
Seminar in Criticism and Theory: Indigenous Research Methodologies (online) ENGL 8060 Spring 2021 Jaquetta Shade-Johnson
Seminar in Criticsm and Theory: Feminist Theory (online) ENGL 8060 Spring 2021 Elisa Glick
Seminar in 19th-Century British Lit: Victorian Genre Novel (online) ENGL 8250 Spring 2021 Elizabeth Chang
Seminar in 19th-c American Lit: American Romanticism ENGL 8310 Spring 2021 John Evelev
Advanced Fiction: Fiction and Time Travel (online) ENGL 8510 Spring 2021 Trudy Lewis
Advanced Poetry (online) ENGL 8530 Spring 2021 Gabriel Fried
Capstone Experience: Walking - Writing Intensive ENGLSH 4970W Spring 2021 John Evelev
The Writing Seminar: Masked/Unmasked: Character, Narrator, Persona ENGLSH 8500 Spring 2021 Trudy Lewis