Modern and Contemporary Literature

From turn of the century literary and oral traditions to contemporary globalization theory and digital storytelling, Modern and Contemporary studies at Mizzou English offers a wide range of approaches to literature and culture. Our faculty specialize in transatlantic modernist poetry; post-World War II American fiction and poetry; African, Caribbean, and other anglophone literatures; African American literature; Native literatures in the U.S.; film and media studies; and gender and sexuality studies. Critical studies in twentieth and twenty-first century literature are also enriched by the participation of prize-winning poets and fiction-writers in the creative writing Ph.D. program.


Professor, Poet Laureate of Missouri 2016-2019
320 Tate Hall
Associate Professor; Associate Chair English Department
208 Tate Hall
Associate Professor
211 Tate Hall
Associate Professor; Associate Dean of Graduate Studies and Faculty Success
212 Tate Hall
Professor of English
209 Tate Hall
Associate Professor
221 Tate Hall
311 Tate Hall