First-Year Composition

Our goal in the Composition Program at the University of Missouri is to help incoming students build on their diverse experiences, knowledge, and skills to engage in writing as a rhetorical and knowledge-making practice. English 1000 provides a space for students to take part in inquiries about writing and to analyze and participate in public and academic conversations. In an interactive and collaborative setting, students and instructors study and practice writing as a recursive process of inquiry, invention, research, review, revision, and reflection.

Please see the pages below for more information about the course, details about awards and opportunities, and answers to frequently asked questions.


2020-2012 Composition Program Team

Becca Hayes (she/her), Director of Composition

Cheryl Hall (she/her), Assistant Director of Composition

Ginny Muller (she/her), Senior Program Assistant

Nigelle Cochran (she/her, they/theirs), Graduate Assistant

Veda Gerlach (she/her), Graduate Assistant