English Language and Linguistics

Students in the English Department may pursue an emphasis in English Language and Linguistics at the undergraduate as well as the graduate level  (MA only). The courses in this area of study offer a perspective on English that is rather distinct from that found elsewhere in the Department's courses. Students gain a greater appreciation for the English language by examining its structural complexities as well as its social functioning. Students also gain a set of analytical tools that will help them view language in a new light, whether that be the language of ordinary conversation, of literature, or of any other context.

The MU English faculty includes several linguists who teach full-time in the English Language and Linguistics area. In addition to undergraduate introductions to the field, we regularly offer courses for advanced undergraduates and graduate students in the structure and history of English as well as more specialized courses in phonology, syntax, and American dialectology. Students may also take courses in Old and Middle English language and literature. Other courses of interest are offered by faculty from across campus through the interdepartmental program in Linguistics. An emphasis in linguistics might be combined with a secondary area such as literature or rhetoric and composition to produce a well-balanced degree that can open the door to a range of career opportunities.


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