Gilbert Youmans

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Professor Emeritus

PhD 1978, University of Wisconsin

Research and Teaching


Gilbert Youmans is editor, with Paul Kiparsky, of Phonetics and Phonology, Volume I: Rhythm and Meter (Academic Press, 1989). He is the author of articles on verse, meter, dialectology, and discourse analysis in books and journals such as Language, Style, Neophilologus, American Speech, and Empirical Studies of the Arts. He has served as an executive committee member of the General Linguistics Group and the Division of Language and Society of the MLA. He has also served as chair of MU's Faculty Council, and has directed dissertations on prosody and stylistics.

Selected Publications
Fractal Dimensions of Discourse

Gilbert Youmans and Peter Pfeifer. “Fractal Dimensions of Discourse.” Letters to Language 1.2 (2005), 297-99.