Carsten Strathausen

Professor of German and English; Catherine Paine Middlebush Chair in Humanities
218B Strickland Hall
Areas of Study: 
Critical Theory
Film Studies, Digital Storytelling, and Visual Studies
Research and Teaching: 

My research focuses mainly on the relationship between words and images from 1800 to the present, but I have also published on 20th-century political philosophy and literary theory. Over the last years, I have become increasingly interested in the history of science and the influence of technology on Western culture. I am currently working on a project about the aesthetics of New Media.

In the German department, I typically teach a graduate seminar on Expressionism and/or the Avantgarde movement as well as introductory courses on German literature. As a member of the English Department, I teach a required course for all graduate students on either Classical or Contemporary Literary Theory. I have also taught a broad variety of specialized undergraduate seminars in the Honors College and the Film Studies Program.


Ph.D., 1995, University of Oregon

Select Publications: 


  • Boris Groys' Under Suspicion: A Phenomenology of Media. Trans. and intro. by Carsten Strathausen (New York: Columbia UP, 2012). 183 pages. 2012.
  • A Leftist Ontology. Ed. and intro. by Carsten Strathausen. Preface by William E. Connolly (University of Minnesota Press). 283 pages. 2009.
  • The Look of Things: Poetry and Vision around 1900 (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 2003).


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