Erin C. Regneri

Erin Regneri
232 Tate Hall

PhD, University of Missouri, 2023

MA, University of Missouri, 2018

BA, University of Missouri, 2015

Research Interests: 19th C American literature; American Nature Writing; American Romanticism and Transcendentalism; American Civil War and the Reconstruction Era

Research and Teaching

Areas of Study:

  • 19th C American Literature
  • American Nature Writing
  • Composition and Rhetoric

Hailing from Louisville, KY, Erin Regneri is a reader, a writer, a lapsed musician, a vegetarian, a tree-hugger, and a Capricorn. Her focus within nineteenth century American literature is predominately nature and environmental writing, and she is interested in the ways in which literature guides us through the evolution of humans' changing relationship to the environment throughout the long 19th C. She thinks about Henry David Thoreau way more than most people do, and when she is not teaching or grading papers, she can usually be found right up the road bookselling at Skylark Bookshop, where she manages their customer subscription service and their Classics section. Erin lives with lots of animals that can be admired on her professional Instagram page @dr.erins.english.class, which is always a hit with her students.