Rebecca Brings

Rebecca Brings
205 Tate hall

PhD, Oklahoma State University

MA, University College London (UCL)

BA, Rheinische-Friedrich Wilhelm Universität Bonn

Research and Teaching

My research mainly focuses on contemporary postcolonial literature, in particular, from South Africa and Nigeria. However, my full textual scope includes visual and digital storytelling. I am interested in how the animal is integrated into postcolonial narratives and what these might tell us about past and current worldmaking schemes. My work often challenges the seamless integration of the animal into neocolonial worldmaking practices paying close attention to rhetorics of sustainability and welfare that frequently promise better futures for all. Through this, I am also interested in African or African Diasporic Speculative Fiction. I have forthcoming articles in RAL and ARIEL grappling with the current state of institutionalized animal welfare on a global stage.

Selected Publications

“Hacking Animals for Decolonial Futures,”  Forthcoming at Research in African Literature.

“Whiteness and the Animal Question: Revisiting Coetzee’s Postapartheid South Africa,” Forthcoming at ARIEL.

“Queering Genre: A Queer Reading of Jamaica Kincaid’s The Autobiography of My Mother,Wreck Park Journal. 2019.