Carol Poster’s poetry chapbook, Returning to Dust, available now from Finishing Line Press (2018)

Carol Poster’s chapbook is out now, and it was blurbed by another talented alum, Gregory Dunne, who says, “Here is a poetry that is elegant and formal in its deft and compelling use of language, in its musicality, economy, and rhythmic virtuosity; a poetry that is welcoming and wise. It is a poetry of wonder and praise that sings to what is dear and perishable: life and the nourishing environment that sustains and inspires it. It is also a devotional poetry, if by devotional, we mean a poetry devoted to observing life as clearly and attentively as possible as an act of responsibility, respect and love: “Soft purple and green clay like a faint bruise.” Poster’s poetry proclaims with reverence, and with a good deal of humor throughout, its intricately woven and moving song, “I love best what my love cannot make stay.”