Creative Writing: Introduction to Poetry (online)

ENGL 1530
Section 01
Caylin Capra-Thomas
Course Description

In this introductory workshop, students will gain foundational knowledge needed to read, write, and engage in lively discussion about poetry. Students will learn poetic terms and practice various modes and craft elements including image, sound and rhythm, lineation, shape and form, voice, lyric, narrative, and others. Students will develop their own writing practice through reading and responding to poems, cultivating deep attentiveness and curiosity, and engaging with regular guided writing exercises, for which they will receive instructor feedback. Students will support one another in these efforts in peer workshops, where they will learn how to provide thoughtful, constructive feedback with the instructor as a facilitator and guide. Students will also expand their awareness of the contemporary poetry landscape through completing exploration projects of recently published poetry collections and issues of literary journals. The course will culminate in a portfolio of revised work.