Culture and Media: Global Indigenous Media - Diversity Intensive (online)

Global Indigenous Media
ENGL 4840/7840
Joanna Hearne
Course Description

Cross-listed with Digital Storytelling and Film Studies.

Native American and global Indigenous media production has expanded dramatically over the last 30 years, from Indigenous performers on television series (such as Law & Order SVU and The Expanse) to Taika Waititi's award-winning feature films (JoJo Rabbit, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, Boy, and others).  Focusing on feature films, digital shorts, documentaries, and animation, we will discuss Indigenous filmmaking as a distinct social practice and in relation to other national and minority cinemas and Hollywood. Topics for discussion include Indigenous futurism; Indigenous media activism; Indigenous genres films (gothic, science fiction, romantic comedy, etc.); digital Indigenous studies; Indigenous experimentalism; issues of identity, race and racial masquerade in filmmaking and performance; community video and television; and more.  Students will write short papers and create short digital projects responding to screenings and critical readings, and present on films viewed outside of class.  This course is taught synchronously online with films screened independently.