Major Women Writers, 1789-1890: The Brontë Sisters - Diversity Intensive (online) [***]

The Brontë Sisters
ENGL 4188/7188
Elizabeth Chang
Course Description

This course does not count towards Mizzou's MA or PhD degrees in English for students receiving assistantships but is open to self-funded English MA students with the Director of Graduate Study’s approval.

This class will introduce you to the greatest literary family of the nineteenth century and to some of the greatest novels written in English, not to mention some very complicated and dramatic personal history. We will read novels by three of the Brontë sisters as well as some of the siblings' writings from childhood. We will also learn about the creation and dismantling of the so-called Brontë myth, and about the current critical assessment of each of the sisters. Along the way, we will also investigate Victorian literature, culture, and the history of women's writing in nineteenth-century Britain more generally. Texts: Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, and Villette