Emma Lipton

Emma Lipton
Associate Professor; Chair of English Department
114M Tate

BA 1986, Yale University

PhD 1998, Duke University

Research and Teaching

Emma Lipton's new book, The Cultures of Witnessing: Law and the York Plays (forthcoming from University of Pennsylvania Press, 2022) investigates the relationship between legal and dramatic ideas of witnessing in the York Plays. Her first book, Affections of the Mind: The Politics of Sacramental Marriage in Late Medieval English Literature (Notre Dame UP, 2007) explores the social and religious politics of marriage in the work of Chaucer, Gower, and Margery Kempe and in the N-Town Mary Plays. She was formerly the book review editor of Studies in the Age of Chaucer.

Selected Publications

“Gender, Marriage and the Legal Culture of Witnessing” in The Cambridge Companion to Law and Literature in Medieval England, ed. Candace Barrington and Sebastian Sobecki (Cambridge University Press, 2019).

“Activist Feminism and the Wife of Bath’s Tale,”  Chaucer Review 54.3 (2019): 335-51.

“Space and the Culture of Witnessing in the York Entry into Jerusalem,” Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies, 49: 2 (2019): 295-318.

“Witnessing and Legal Affect in the York Passion Plays,” in Affect, Feeling and Emotion: The Medieval Turn, ed. Glenn Burger and Holly Crocker, (Cambridge University Press, 2019), pp. 158-80.

"Love and Marriage in the Wife of Bath's Prologue" in The Open Access Companion to the Canterbury Tales, ed. Candace Barrington, Brantley L. Bryant, Richard H. Godden, Daniel T. Kline, and Myra Seaman, https://opencanterburytales.dsl.lsu.edu/the-wife-of-baths-prologue/ (2017)

“Beyond Kittredge:  Teaching Marriage in the Canterbury Tales” for new edition of Approaches to Teaching Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, ed. Frank Grady and Peter Travis (MLA, 2014)

“Justice, Law and Representation in Lydgate’s ‘Disguising at Hertford,’”  Journal of English and Germanic Philology 113. 3 (2014): 342-64.

“Exemplary Cases: Marriage as Legal Principle in Gower’s Traitié Pour Essampler Les Amantz Marietz” Chaucer Review 48.4 (2014): 480-501.

Affections of the Mind: The Politics of Sacramental Marriage in Late Medieval English Literature University of Notre Dame Press, 2007.

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