Sexuality and Gender Theory: Sexuality Studies -- Diversity Intensive (online)

ENGL 3080
Elisa Glick
Course Description

Debates about the politics of sexuality have been at the forefront of contemporary efforts to rethink concepts of identity, desire, and embodiment. This course seeks to provide a theoretical and cultural context for such debates by investigating the complex and often contradictory relationship between sexuality and society. After tracing the historical emergence of the modern sexual self, we will survey contemporary theories of sexuality and sexual representations, particularly as they intersect with systems of race, class, and gender. Topics include sexuality and desire under capitalism; the sexual politics of racialization; feminist theories of sexuality; queer theory; medicalization of sex; reproductive technology; reproductive rights; AIDS and queer politics; global politics of sex work; pornography; rape culture and sexual assault on campus; LGBTQ+ rights; transgender activism; postfeminism; the social construction of the body. Readings and other course materials range from theoretical and historical essays to literary texts, documentary films, and popular culture.