Creative Writing: Intermediate Nonfiction Prose

English 2520
Various Instructors
Course Description

In this course, students will become familiar with additional creative nonfiction styles, forms, and writing strategies. With student peer workshops at the heart of the course, students will not only write multiple works of short creative nonfiction, they will also gain a better understanding of effective and productive workshopping strategies and critique. The course will provide students with the opportunity to rigorously engage with the art of revision, in addition to introducing students to multiple forms of essay, including the lyric essay and the braided essay, among others. Individual instructors may choose to concentrate on a particular theme or another organizing principle, but each section will use readings on craft and contemporary examples of essays that engage with multiple different styles and forms, with a focus on “reading like a writer.” Students may be required to submit a final portfolio of their writing at end of the semester.