Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing Seminar - Honors/Writing Intensive

English 2015HW
Section 01
Aaron Harms, Stephanie Kimmey, Heather Asbeck
Strickland 304
Course Description

2015H, “Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing,” is an English/Honors College Writing Intensive (WI) class which addresses both the theory and practice of tutoring and the foundations of good writing. Therefore, in addition to theoretical frames for what writing tutors do, it focuses on hands-on craft and practical experience working with other writers. At its heart is a shared set of assumptions about tutoring writing:

  • In order to help someone else competently, a tutor needs to have an expert command of the craft of writing herself.
  • A tutor needs to know something not only about the practical application of rhetoric and composition theory, but also about the subtleties of verbal and nonverbal communication.
  • Hands-on experience from both sides of the desk is a crucial part of the process of learning to work with other writers.
  • Online tutoring is a valuable part of the skill set with both advantages and disadvantages over traditional face-to-face scenarios, and it makes considerable demands on the tutor's craft as a writer and as a reader of both prose and people.

This course also prepares students to work as writing tutors, and, in fact, doing well in it qualifies them for a part-time job in the Writing Center in future semesters. Prerequisite: English 1000. A/F.

Students interested in the course should contact Aaron Harms:

This course fulfills a lower division Writing Intensive requirement and General Education Humanities credit.