Creative Writing: Introduction to Nonfiction Prose

English 1520
Section 01
Cassie Donish
Arts & Science 103A
Course Description

In this course, students will learn to engage with, analyze, and create various short creative nonfiction writing forms, including the personal essay, memoir, and literary journalism. The course’s aim is to help students build foundational tools and methodologies for the understanding and writing of creative nonfiction narratives, equipping them with the basic vocabulary of the genre and the knowledge of various elements of craft, for example, point of view, narrative voice, and description. Reading published nonfiction, experimenting with creative writing exercises, engaging discussions, and workshopping student-authored nonfiction is the focus of course work. The course will use an instructional nonfiction writing book supplemented by contemporary examples of creative nonfiction works. Students may be required to submit a final portfolio of their writing at end of the semester.