Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction

The Powers of Community & Craft
English 1510
Section 03
Hayli Cox
Arts & Science 103
Course Description

Stories emerge from communities of writers and readers, and they are imbued with power and the ability to enact change. In this course we’ll explore a wide range of models for genre and form in order to understand the possibilities of the genre. We’ll also consider how storytelling works to make meaning on individual and community levels. By the end of this course, we’ll understand the tools, vocabulary, and storytelling elements present in the contemporary fiction landscape through anthologized works as well as stories and craft essays available within the online literary community. We will begin by engaging in discussion of assigned reading and participating in writing assignments before transitioning to instructor-facilitated peer workshop and student-led story discussions. Students will have the opportunity to write and workshop two original short stories, present an outside story of their choice, and practice revision—all toward the goal of becoming active members of a writing community.