Honors Exposition and Argumentation

English 1000H
Section 03
Bailey Boyd
Middlebush 206
Course Description

Everything is an argument, so they say, so what better space to look to for good arguments than the interweb? This class will center argumentation and exposition, but will do so by looking primarily at how those rhetorical moves happen on the internet. Our “text book” will be various online platforms; our chapters will be written by those who are using the internet in interesting, persuasive ways. Students will spend the course building a website; we will focus on building a story as the blog author, using comparable website to analyze what is successful (or not) and finally, how to persuade their readers by presenting research on their chosen topic that students will “translate” into laymen’s terms for their readers. Students will be responsible for two formal papers that will not be a part of their site, but which centers their work and their site.