An English degree complements many personal interests, transforming them into exciting professional opportunities. In addition to reading and writing, do you enjoy music or sports? Do you watch television, go to the ballet, explore museums, or like to plan parties? Some of your fellow English majors have combined the skills developed in their English classes (writing, researching, organizing/synthesizing information) with other interests to find, or in some cases create, internships.

Internships come in two forms:

1. Some are in-house experiences working with publishing and library units at MU.

2. In other cases, students secure their own external internships. Previous MU English majors have completed internships with the following organizations at various levels:

  • National: MTV/Viacom, The Daily Show, Harper Collins Publishers, Universal Music Group, Oxygen/NBC Universal, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Time Out Chicago Publications.
  • State: Great Day St. Louis television program, St. Louis Seasons Magazine, Missouri World War One Museum, Missouri Contemporary Ballet, and the State Capitol in Jefferson City.
  • Local: Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture, Blue Note, Juvenile Justice Center, Cumulus Radio Group, City of Columbia, Columbia Public Schools.

Some of the above internships in state government and non-profits were obtained by students with the help of MU’s Civic Leaders Internship Program (CLIP)

English majors have the skills that employers want. With creativity and enthusiasm, you can find a great internship, just as your peers have done. The English department encourages students to investigate internships as early as sophomore year. You don’t need to have settled upon a career path before applying for an internship. Instead, internships are an opportunity to gain experiences that may assist you in making career decisions.