Read what our alumni have to say about Mizzou’s venerable Creative Writing program:

I am so thankful to all of my teachers at Mizzou, especially Trudy Lewis, Speer Morgan, and Marly Swick.  Working for the Missouri Review was one of the best opportunities of my graduate career, which gave me a glimpse of what my life would be like as the current Fiction Editor of Crazyhorse.  Thank you, Mizzou, for setting me on my path.  M-I-Z-Z-O-U!

-Dr. Anthony Varallo, Professor of English at College of Charleston

The unique opportunity to intern for Persea Books in University of Missouri's PhD program helped me learn how to better read, create, and structure a book of poetry. Likewise, my two years working as Contest Editor for The Missouri Review taught me so much about the world of literary journal publication, and reading hundreds of contest submission entries helped to hone my writing skills with more audience awareness. And ultimately I owe my current faculty position to the immensely useful Job Market Workshop, which was taught that semester by Dr. Steve Karian.

-Dr. Anne Barngrover, Assistant Professor of English at Saint Leo University

I had a phenomenal experience at the university of Missouri. After my MFA, I had the basics of craft down, but for the kind of writing I wanted to do I still didn't know enough.Courses such as Contemporary Literary Theory and the History of Poetics taught me how to think deeply about theoretical problems that inform my work. Furthermore, ethnographic writing taught me a whole new world of techniques as a creative writer. All in all, the literature courses I took as a creative writing student poised me to produce more sophisticated and well-informed prose, both as a creative writer and a scholar.

-Dr. Joanna Eleftheriou, Assistant Professor of English at Christopher Newport University

The University of Missouri's PhD program balances practical courses (a job market class and creative writing workshops, for instance) with deep dives into critical theory and literary history.  It was this combination, along with the careful mentorship and dozens of conversations with my PhD advisor and committee members, that taught me what it means to be an imaginative scholar, an agile reader, and an engaged teacher and writer.

-Dr. Beth Peterson, Associate Professor of English at Grand Valley State University

After graduating from Mizzou's English Department I feel incredibly grateful for both my education that is applicable across so many career possibilities as well as the faculty. Every professor is incredibly devoted, as are those in chair positions such as Dr. Alex Socarides and Dr. Lee Manion. These two work hard to not only be incredible educators who have prepared me for my future legal education by equipping me with tools of critical theory and ambition in all of my academic endeavors, but also to be incredible mentors who guide, encourage, and applaud my peers and me as we strive be the most successful students possible. I could not have asked more of my experience from the University and especially from the English Department.

-Darian Doser Honors Graduate Class of 2020