Mikey Borgard (graduate student) has an editorial in the Boston Globe.

Samantha Edmonds (graduate student) has an editorial in the New York Times.

Gwen Edward (graduate student) has an upcoming book, More Enduring for Having Been Broken, to be published by Black Lawrence Press in January of 2021, and winner of the Hudson Prize (as “Gwendolyn Paradice.” )

Phong Nguyen (professor) has a new novel, The Bronze Drum, to be published by Grand Central Publishing in 2022. 

Robert Long Foreman (alum) has published two books in 2020: I Am Here to Make Friends and Weird Pig

Tina May Hall (alum) has a newly released novel, The Snow Collectors, that is available now. 

Beth Peterson (alum) has a recent essay collection, Dispatches from the End of Ice, that is available now. 

Catherine Pierce (alum) has a new poetry collection, Danger Days, out now from Saturnalia Books. 

Rebecca Pelky (alum) has a new poetry collection, Horizon of the Dog Woman, available from Saint Julian Press.