The Writing Seminar: End Times and Open Destinies

End Times and Open Destinies: Narrative Across Genres
Section 01
Trudy Lewis
Course Description


In this multi-genre writing seminar, we will explore narrative responses to cultural, personal, and environmental crisis. Topics will include speculative memoir, narco- narratives, choose-your-own adventure stories, apocalypse poetry, LARPs, the new weird, and non-linear memoir in verse. You will give a presentation about a mentor author of your choice, write a micro essay on narrative (or anti-narrative) in your work, create a self-assigned experiment addressing the subject matter of the course, and produce two workshop submissions. Texts will include The Last White Man by Mohsin Hamid, In the Dream House by Carmen Maria Machado, Testo-Junkie by Paul B. Preciado, Best Barbarian by Roger Reeves, Frank by Dianne Seuss, Death by Landscape by Elvia Wilk, and the yet-to-be-determined winner of the Maya Angelou Prize in Fiction. We will also look at shorter works by Thomas De Quincy, Leslie Jamison, Layli Long Soldier, Grace Paley, Frank O’Hara, Lyn Hejian,Peter Schjeldahl, Amber Sparks, and Bryan Washington. Let’s pool our intellectual resources to make sense—or nonsense—of the current moment and create art out of the debris.