Studies in African Diaspora Literature

Migration Narratives in African Diaspora Literature and Film
ENGLSH 4400/7400
Section 01
Dorothy Atuhura
A&S 310
Course Description

For centuries, humans have crossed borders for various reasons. More so, mass migrations of the past are ever so interwoven with our present and in recent times cross border migrations have increased exponentially. This course explores a series of African Diasporic literary and filmic texts that showcase the experience of migration, particularly how individuals are forced or choose to leave their homelands for a variety of reasons. The course seeks to explore how African Diasporic creatives undertake the role of (re)presenting, critiquing, and providing alternative imagination about the experience of migration. The course will explore representations of historical processes of colonialism and globalization and how they intersect with various migration experiences such as movement across borders, displacement and separation, alienation and nostalgia, race and Otherness, language, and such like. The course will draw from a range of genres (short stories, novels, poetry, and film) and will include creative work from the 20th century to the present.