Studies in English: Story Development (online)

Section 01
Jaquetta Shade-Johnson
Asynchronous online
Course Description

Cross listed with DST_VS 2810-01 and COMMUN 2810-01

In this course students will learn about storytelling across time and media, beginning with definitions and fundamentals of narrative and oral storytelling, theories of narrative and its cultural functions, and basic narrative analysis. The course then turns to the close study of structure, narration, character, plot, action, dialogue, and other narrative elements, with a wide variety of examples and prompts. Throughout the course, students practice the development of their own stories in multiple versions and formats, with attention to the ways that formal structures such as blogs, tweets, podcasts, and scripts affect their storytelling strategies. By the end of the course, students will produce a short shooting script or equivalent project ready for production. Thus, the course functions as preparation for audio-visual production courses in Communication, Film Studies, Media Studies, Film and Media Arts, and Digital Storytelling degree programs. Graded on A-F basis only.  Prerequisites: Enrollment limited to declared DST majors during early registration.