Popular Careers for English Majors

  • Writing and editing: Graduates go on to jobs in journalism, public relations, and advertising such as reporter, copywriter, copyeditor, layout designer, free-lance writer, technical writer, and blogger/social media manager. Some on the job experience is often needed.
  • Teaching: Graduates may go straight into teaching jobs at private secondary schools, schools outside the United States, or Teach for America. To teach in public K-12 schools, additional certification is required, usually further coursework and a practicum.
  • Law or other graduate professional school: Law schools look for critical reading and thinking as well as accurate writing, which are key skills developed by English majors. English majors also go on to graduate school in other disciplines such as medicine, business, social work, counseling, as well as PhD programs in English to become teachers in higher education.
  • Business: Many positions in the business world require excellent reading, analysis, writing, and speaking skills in such areas as public relations, corporate communications, market research, sales, and management.
  • Nonprofits: Communication skills are also key for the work of nonprofits, including the positions of communication specialist, grant writer, and social media manager.

New Careers Course

Our Careers course, English 4000, helps students reflect on the skills that they have gained as English majors and learn to communicate those skills to potential employers. With individualized support from an experienced professor, students in the course explore their career options, devise strategies for the job search, and craft effective resumes and cover letters. 1 credit. Offered every semester.

Useful Links

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Where Are Our Recently Graduated English Majors Now?

Kelly Bohan

Kelly Bohan
Teaching Assistant Program
French Ministry of Education
Nantes, France

Kayla M. Loveless


Kayla M. Loveless
School of Law
Washington University
St. Louis, MO


Brand Butler


Brandon Butler
Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme
Akita, Japan

Paige Lockard


Paige Lockard
MFA in Poetry
Sarah Lawrence College
Bronxville, NY


Katherine Hobbs


Katherine Hobbs
PhD in English
University of California, Berkeley
Berkeley, CA



Jacqueline Land


Jacqueline Land
MA/PhD Program in Media and Cultural Studies
(Communication Arts Dept)
University of Wisconsin – Madison
Madison, WI


Zachary Lynn


Zachary Lynn
Director of Youth Ministry
First Presbyterian Church
Columbia, MO