Brittany Wilson

Britt Wilson
Graduate Instructor

BA in English & Psychology - Wesley College 2017

MA in English - Salisbury University, 2019

PhD in English - University of Missouri, in progress

Research and Teaching

Areas of Study

  • Modern and Contemporary Literature
  • Women's and Gender Studies in English


University of Missouri - Columbia (2020 - present)

  • Writing and Rhetoric

Salisbury University (2017 - 2020)

  • Research and Composition
  • Research and Composition: Writing About Writing pilot
  • Aspects of the Novel


My research positions critical theories of Otherness, center-periphery dynamics, exile, and trauma as lenses for examining the complexities of cultural, racial, and gender-related power dynamics in contemporary world literature. I am especially interested in the ways that women writers use magic/magical realism to subvert patriarchal and colonial structures and thereby reclaim power and voice from their multiply oppressed positions.


Pronouns: she/her

My research and pedagogy are rooted in the belief that literature holds a unique ability to transfer perspectives and lived experiences from one body to another, an ability which imbues literature with the power to evoke empathy and understanding through its exploration of what it means to be human, despite our differences. As we read and study texts authored by marginalized voices and analyze the problematic, socially constructed hierarchies that result in discrimination and inequality, we begin to better understand the complex social structures that exist at the root of many contemporary issues. I believe the cultivation of this awareness is a crucial step toward creating a more inclusive culture in which differences are no longer highlighted as weaknesses and cultural, racial, and gender identities cease to be so blatantly misunderstood.