Logan Owens

Logan Owens
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Writing Center Tutor

M.A. in English Literature, University of Missouri (in progress)

B.A. in Biblical Text, Abilene Christian University

B.A. in English, Abilene Christian University

Research and Teaching

Areas of Study

  • Modern and Contemporary Literature
  • Critical Theory

Pronouns: he/his/him

My current research interests trend toward towards contemporary Anglophone climate fiction, especially American novels dealing with innovative depictions of the non-human. Related to this is a broader consideration: what can novels do? How do they form readers? How can fiction impact the ‘real’ world?

Selected Publications

“(Ex)Changing the Subject: Rhetorical Empathy and Identity Interrogation in the First-Year Writing Classroom”

Cavalier Conference on Writing & Literature Overland Park, KS



“The Body as Battlefield: Corporeality and Violence in Between the World and Me and Unbearable Weight.”

Alpha Chi National Convention

Cleveland, OH



“A Gospel of One’s Own: Reading the Bible with Virginia Woolf”

Alpha Chi National Convention

Portland, OR