Emily P. Smith

Emily Smith
Graduate Instructor
Tate 20

BA, Heritage Studies (Randolph College)

MA / PhD student at Mizzou

Research and Teaching

Areas of Study

  • Indigenous Studies
  • Digital Storytelling, Visual Studies, and Museum Studies
  • Creative Writing
  • Romanticism


Research emphasis: literature of natural history / environment; antiquarianism and anthropology; Indigenous studies; exploration and travel narratives; folklore and folksongs.


Pronouns: she/her

Emily Patton Smith formerly worked as an archaeologist and as Collections Coordinator of the Randolph College Natural History Collections / founder of RC Natural History Collections Project (2011-2020). She assisted with the design of Museum & Heritage Studies major at Randolph College, where she taught courses in Natural History Collections and Collections Management, and curated five exhibitions at Randolph College exploring interconnections between natural science and the humanities: “Aves: Birds in Art” (2014); “Curious Natures: Women and Natural History” (with Laura Mc Manus) and “Natural History, Archaeology, and Sherlock” (2017); “Painting ‘Perfect Nature’: Sydney Parkinson, Scientific Illustration, and the Age of Discovery” (2018); and “Epochs of Nature: Climate, Geology, Species, Culture” (2018). She plays violin and guitar, restores antique stringed instruments, and composes music in blues, classical, and traditional idioms. Emily writes poetry, creative nonfiction, and fiction, as well as a few scholarly articles.

Awards and Honors

Travel Award from the Paul Mellon Centre for British Art (2019) for research on the collaborative work of Sydney Parkinson and Tupaia; participant in NEH Summer Institute (2019): Museums: Humanities in the Public Sphere

Selected Publications

Emily Patton Smith (2021) Celebrity Culture and the Myth of Oceania in Britain and The Multifarious Mr. Banks: From Botany Bay to Kew, the Natural Historian Who Shaped the World, European Romantic Review, 32:4, 442-449, DOI: 10.1080/10509585.2021.1944463