Rights and Responsibilities of Teaching Assistants

Graduate Teaching Assistants will be held to the same high standards of performance as faculty in the department. TAs will teach their classes in a professional manner: they will show up on time, treat their students respectfully, and grade assignments in a reasonable time.

The Composition Committee will have direct oversight of TAs who teach English 1000, and the Director of Composition has final say over whether a graduate student will be assigned teaching in English 1000. If the Director of Composition determines that a graduate student is ineligible to teach English 1000--usually on the basis of a demonstrated and continued failure to improve even under supervision--support for the student may be withdrawn. The DGS will attempt to mediate but cannot reverse a decision made by the Director of Composition.

TAs who wish to find coverage for their classes while they are away at conferences or for other reasons may be able to do so through an informal network established by EGSA. In all cases the Director of Composition (in the case of English 1000) or the Director of Undergraduate Studies (in the case of other classes) should be informed if a TA will not be present to teach a class.

TAs have access to a photocopy machine in the basement of Tate Hall for course materials. Book orders are handled by the Graduate Studies Secretary. Questions regarding teaching resources should be directed to the Director of Composition or the Director of Undergraduate Studies.