Online Graduate Credits

Online English Graduate Courses

Beginning Fall 2018, MU English is offering online graduate courses through Mizzou Online for high school teachers and other qualified students seeking graduate-level credit hours, post-baccalaureate experience, or enrichment in English literature and language.

Schedule of courses:

Note: all courses listed here are 100% asynchronous (no classes to attend); other courses may be available with a synchronous component. Contact Frances Dickey at for more information.

Spring 2020 

Romantic Poetry in England and America, taught by Noah Heringman (English 7100)

  • English and American Romanticism in historical and philosophical context, with an emphasis on poetry

Transatlantic Modernism, taught by Frances Dickey (English 7140)

  • Early 20th-century poetry and fiction from Dublin, London, Paris, New York and other modernist cultural centers
Summer 2020 (all courses are 8 weeks)

The Global Novel after 1945, taught by Sheri-Marie Harrison (English 7179)

  • Multinational fiction of the postwar and contemporary eras

Creative Writing: Advanced Fiction, taught by Phong Nguyen (English 7510)

  • An intensive writing workshop in which student stories and related literary texts receive close reading and analysis
Fall 2020

Shakespeare and Renaissance Literature, taught by William Kerwin (English 7220) [16 weeks]

  • Shakespeare’s plays with some attention to other Renaissance texts

The Story of English: Medieval to Modern, taught by Johanna Kramer (English 7611) [first 8 week session]

  • History of the English language, explored through literature, with an emphasis on its development from the early Middle Ages through the Early Modern period (ca. 500-ca. 1700)

Creative Writing: Advanced Poetry, taught by Gabriel Fried (English 7530) [second 8 week session]

  • An intensive writing workshop with the theme of "childhood," in which student poems and related literary texts receive close reading and analysis
Spring 2021

The American Novel to 1900, taught by John Evelev (English 7310)  [16 weeks]

  • The American novel as an attempt to capture the distinctiveness of American identities and experiences from its rise in the post-revolutionary era to the brink of the 20th century

The Brontë Sisters, taught by Elizabeth Chang (English 7188)  [16 weeks]

  • Novels by Charlotte, Emily, and Ann Brontë in the context of Victorian literature and the history of women's writing

Create a schedule that meets your needs:

  • Work at home or on the road; no on-campus meetings
  • Courses may be taken in any order
  • Start in August, January, or June
  • Complete 18 credits in 18 months, or take courses at your convenience
  • Not necessary to take all six courses unless seeking to fulfill the 18-credit requirement

Develop key skills and knowledge:

  • Study the classics and experience new authors
  • Deepen your knowledge of the English language and literature in historical and cultural context
  • Learn and apply a variety of critical methods for interpreting literature
  • Develop advanced analytic and writing skills through structured assignments and feedback from experienced doctoral faculty 


  • Bachelor’s degree or higher, with some coursework in English or related fields


  • For the 2019-20 academic year, distance graduate students pay $386 per credit hour (= $1158 per 3-credit course) plus a technology fee (see Cashier's office webpage)

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