The MA/PhD Program

The MA/PhD program is intended for especially well-prepared students who have BA degrees and know they wish to pursue the PhD. It offers enhanced financial support and an accelerated time to degree. In their first year in the program, students take three courses per semester. In their first semester, they receive teaching training through shadowing in the Composition Program and through tutoring in the Writing Center and in their second semester, they teach one section of English 1000, receiving a substantial stipend to ensure that they complete their work in a timely manner. In their second year, while writing the MA thesis, and seventh year, while writing the dissertation, and one additional year of their choice, MA/PhD students teach a reduced schedule of two classes in the fall and one class in the spring without a reduction in pay from our regular PhD package. Students complete MA requirements and begin taking PhD coursework in their second year in the program. Academic requirements for the two degrees are identical with the academic requirements for the separate MA and PhD degrees.