Diversity Faculty

Aliki Barnstone:  Creative Writing—Poetry, Women’s Literature

Scott Cairns: Creative Writing—Poetry, Rabbinic Theories of Text

Elizabeth Chang: Victorian Visions of China, Asian American Literature

Elisa Glick: Queer/Feminist/Gender Studies, LGBTQ Literature, Marxism

  • Mizzou Inclusive Excellence Award, 2015
  • MU Catalyst Award for Outstanding Service to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Community (2002)

Matt Gordon: Sociolinguistics, Language and Gender, American dialectology

Sheri-Marie Harrison: Caribbean Literature, Feminist and Queer Theory

Joanna Hearne: Film and Native American Studies

Clenora Hudson-Weems: Africana Studies and Africana Womanism

Maureen Konkle: Indigenous Studies

Johanna Kramer: Writing for and about Early Medieval Women

April Langley: Afro-British, African and Anglo American Literature

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship in African and Afro-American Studies at Washington University in St. Louis

Trudy Lewis: Creative Writing—Fiction, Women's Literature

Emma Lipton: Medieval Women Writers and Gender Studies

  • MU Council on International Initiatives, Curriculum Grant (2004-5)

Michael Marlo:  African Languages

Patricia Okker: 19th-Century Women Writers

Christopher N. Okonkwo: African and African American Literature

Karen Piper: Postcolonial Theory, Major Women Writers, Black British Fiction

Anand Prahlad: Folklore, Poetry, Film, and Popular Culture of the African Diaspora

  • MU Chancellor's Inclusive Excellence Award (2008)

Alexandra Socarides: 19th-Century American Women’s Writing

Donna Strickland: Literacy and Labor, Women's Literature