The Department of English is committed to welcoming difference, engaging diversity, and promoting inclusion in our department and university. We demonstrate this commitment to supporting diversity in our teaching, research, service and ongoing efforts to recruit and retain diverse faculty, staff, and students. Within our curriculum we offer courses in African Diaspora Studies, Women’s and Gender Studies, Indigenous Studies, colonial discourse, and LGBT literature and theory. We also have an undergraduate diversity requirement:  English majors are required to take one (3-hour) course that focuses on issues such as race, ethnicity, gender, or sexuality. Each semester a list of approved courses is made available to students.

We have an African Diaspora Studies (ADS) emphasis area with nine faculty members who work on African-American literature, black British literature, African literature, Caribbean literature, black women's literature, and film, folklore, and theory of the African Diaspora. The ADS program provides both undergraduate and graduate students with an opportunity to study in depth the cultures of the English-speaking African Diaspora, preparing them to be members of an increasingly interconnected and global world.

Women’s and Gender Studies is another area of strength in the department, with multiple faculty members working in women's literature, feminist and gender theory, queer studies, feminist rhetorical theories, and women's folklore, among other related fields. We regularly offer six courses that are permanently cross-listed with the Department of Women's and Gender Studies and over twenty courses that are cross-listed with the Black Studies Program. In addition to these offerings, our faculty members teach courses that reflect their expertise in the areas of Native American literature, colonial discourse, and LGBT literature and theory.

Employing a wide range of approaches to construct diverse forms of knowledge, the Department of English strives to enhance and extend inclusion in our curriculum, community, and activities.