Title Course Number Semester Instructor
Exposition and Argumentation English 1000 Spring, Fall Instructor
Honors Exposition English English 1000H Fall Various Instructors
Human Language English 1060 Fall Instructor
Reading Literature English 1100 Fall Nancy West
Themes in Literature English 1160 Fall April Langley
Introduction to British Literature English 1210 Fall Various Instructors
Introduction to American Literature English 1310 Fall Various Instructors
Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction English 1510 Fall Various Instructors
Introduction to Nonfiction prose English 1520 Fall Various Instructors
Introduction to Poetry English 1530 Fall Various Instructors
Introduction to Folklore Genres English 1700 Fall Instructor
Introduction to Film Studies English 1800 Fall Various Instructors
Introduction to Digital Storytelling English 1880 Fall Katina Bitsicas
Introduction to Digital Storytelling English 1880 Fall Joseph Erb
Animal Companions English 2005 Fall Elizabeth Chang
Studies in English Beginning to 1603 English 2006 Fall Ray Ronci
Studies in English 1890-present English 2009 Fall Katina Bitsicas
Intermediate Composition English 2010 Fall Various Instructors
Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing Seminar - Honors English 2015H Fall Rachel Harper and Aaron Harms
Professional Writing English 2030 Fall Various Instructors
Writing About Literature English 2100 Fall John Evelev
Writing About Literature English 2100 Fall Emilee Howland-Davis
Writing About Literature English 2100 Fall Brian Roriguez
Writing About Literature English 2100 Fall Carli Sinclair
Writing About Literature English 2100 Fall Devin Day
Introduction to World Literature 1890-present English 2159 Fall Katelyn Harlin
Studies in American Lit English 2300 Fall Alexandra Socarides and Gabriel Fried
Introduction to African Diaspora Literature English 2400 Fall Clenora Hudson-Weems
Creative Writing: Intermediate Fiction English 2510 Fall Various Instructors
Creative Writing: Intermediate Nonfiction Prose English 2520 Fall Katharine McIntyre
Creative Writing: Intermediate Poetry English 2530 Fall Gregory Allendorf
Beginning Playwriting English 2560 Fall David Crespy
American Film History I, 1895-1950 English 2830 Fall Abigail Manzella
Sexuality and Gender Theory English 3080 Fall Elisa Glick
Special Themes in Literature: Arthurian Legends English 3110 Fall Lee Manion
Special Themes in Literature 1890-present: Young Adult Literature English 3119 Fall Dana Kinnison
Special Themes in Literature 1890-Present: Elena Ferrante Fever English 3119 Fall Roberta Tabanelli
Staging Collapse: Greek and African-American Tragic Drama English 3170 Fall William Kerwin
Survey of British Literature: Beginnings to 1734 English 3200 Fall David Read
Survey of British Literature: Romanticism to present English 3210 Fall Julie Melnyk
Survey of American Literature: Beginnings to 1865 English 3300 Fall Alexandra Socarides
Survey of American Literature: 1865-present English 3310 Fall Frances Dickey
Survey of African-American Literature: Beginnings to 1900 English 3400 Fall April Langley
Intermediate Playwriting English 3560 Fall Instructor
Performance of Literature English 3570 Fall Instructor
American Folklore: Food and Culture English 3700 Fall LuAnne Roth
Studies in Film History: Women in US Film English 3850 Fall Abigail Manzella
Advanced Studies in English: Careers and English English 4000 Fall Julie Melnyk
Studies in Writing English 4040 Fall Maureen Konkle
Studies in Writing: The Creative Writing Classroom English 4040/7040 Fall Cornelius Eady
Studies in Writing: Mindful Writing English 4040/7040 Fall Donna Strickland
Studies in Critical Theory: Rethinking Literacy in the Digital Age English 4060 Fall Ray Ronci
Genres 1890-Present: Science Fiction English 4109/7109 Fall Andrew Hoberek
Modern Literature: The Modernist Novel English 4140/7140 Fall Frances Dickey
World Literature 1890-Present: Postcolonial Literature English 4159/7159 Fall Karen Piper
Major Authors 1799-1890: Frederick Douglass and William Apess English 4168/7168 Fall Maureen Konkle
Major Authors 1890-Present: Toni Morrison English 4169/7169 Fall Christopher Okonkwo
Introduction to Old English English 4200/7200 Fall Johanna Kramer
Medieval Literature: Chaucer English 4210/7210 Fall Lee Manion
19th-Century English Literature: The Victorians English 4250/7250 Fall Julie Melnyk
20th-Century American Literature: Postmodern American Poetry English 4320 Fall Ray Ronci
Studies in African Diaspora Literature: Mythic Black Fiction English 4400/7400 Fall Christopher Okonkwo
Africana Womanism English 4420/7420 Fall Clenora Hudson-Weems
Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction English 4510 Fall Gordon Sauer
Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction: Story/Time English 4510/7510 Fall Trudy Lewis
Advanced Creative Writing: Nonfiction Prose: Crafting the Personal Essay English 4520/7520 Fall Julija Sukys
Advanced Creative Writing: Poetry English 4530/7530 Fall Aliki Barnstone
Adaptation of Literature for Stage English 4570 Fall Instructor
Structure of American English English 4600/7600 Fall Michael Marlo
Syntax English 4640/7640 Fall Michael Marlo
Special Themes in Folklore: Folklore and Race English 4700/7700 Fall Anand Prahlad
Oral Tradition: Legend, Rumor, Conspiracy English 4770 Fall LuAnne Roth
Culture and Media: Global Indigenous Media English 4840 Fall Joanna Hearne
Internship in English English 4940 Fall Dana Kinnison
Internship in Publishing: Persea Books English 4950/7950 Fall Gabriel Fried
Internship in Publishing: The Missouri Review English 4950/7950 Fall Speer Morgan
Capstone Experience: Proverbs, Wisdom, Knowledge English 4970 Fall Johanna Kramer
Capstone Experience: Maps English 4970 Fall Elizabeth Chang
Honors Seminar in English: Medievalism and Nostalgia English 4996 Fall Emma Lipton
Honors Seminar in English English 4996 Fall Nancy West
Introduction to Graduate Study English 8005 Fall Bill Kerwin
Job Market Workshop English 8006 Fall Samuel Cohen
Professional Writing Workshop English 8006 Fall Noah Heringman
Contemporary Critical Approaches English 8050 Fall Carsten Strathausen
Seminar in Critical Theory: Postcolonial Theory English 8060 Fall Karen Piper
Seminar in Critical Theory: Warhol English 8060 Fall Elisa Glick
Chaucer and the Critics English 8210 Fall Emma Lipton
19th-century British Literature: Ballads and Revivals English 8250 Fall Noah Heringman
19th-century American Literature: Deep into the American Renaissance English 8310 Fall John Evelev
20th-century American Literature: Post-1960s US Literature English 8320 Fall Andrew Hoberek
Advanced Writing Fiction English 8510 Fall Trudy Lewis
Advanced Writing Nonfiction: Structure in CNF English 8520 Fall Julija Sukys
Advanced Writing Poetry English 8530 Fall Aliki Barnstone
Folklore and Literature: Exploring Science Fiction English 8700 Fall Anand Prahlad