Writing About Literature: The Modern City (online)

English 2100
The Modern City
Section 6
Frances Dickey
100% online

English 2100 provides instruction in the fundamentals of writing about literature and is a required course for the English major, introducing students to the basics of literary research, interpretation and criticism. A central goal of the course is to familiarize students with a variety of critical and theoretical approaches that are used in the study of literature, as well as with appropriate resources for conducting literary research. The theme of the course is the modern city, with a specific focus on London from the end of the 18thcentury to the present, as it grew to the largest city in the world, a powerhouse of the industrial revolution, and the center of a vast empire. What challenges did London pose to its inhabitants and to those who tried to represent the city? How have authors across two centuries put a human face on the city and explored its geography in verse and prose? 

Course Objectives

  • To hone interpretive and argumentative skills through exposure to a variety of literary works.
  • To introduce a variety of critical the theoretical approaches to assigned texts.
  • To develop and practice literary research skills.
  • To develop formal academic writing skills, including drafting and revision, using primary and secondary sources and employing MLA (Modern Language Association) citation methods. 
  • To enjoy literature, in addition to discussing and appreciating the value of reading and writing about it.