Survey of British Literature, Romanticism to Present - Honors

English 3210H
Section 1
Elizabeth Chang

This course is designed to introduce you to some major authors and works in the literature of the British Isles written during the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, otherwise known as the Romantic, Victorian, Modern, and Contemporary eras. We will look at some of the major literary, cultural, and historical developments of each time period, and try to balance our time between big-picture considerations of large themes and close readings of individual poems and prose passages. Our main interest will be tracing the influence of the literature of the British Empire around the globe in colonial and postcolonial fiction.

A first-of-its kind feature of this class is that we will collaborate with a similar course at the University of Western Cape in Capetown, South Africa. You will have the opportunity to get to know South African students (virtually) and to collaborate with them on papers and projects designed to explore the similarities and differences between the study of British literature in the US and in South Africa.

This course requires honors standing or permission from the instructor to enroll.