Survey of African-American Literature: Beginnings to 1900 - Writing Intensive (Online)

English 3400W
Beginnings to 1900
Section 1
April Langley

Cross-listed as Black Studies 3400/01

This writing intensive course introduces students to the major developments, themes, and works of African American literature-from its eighteenth-century beginnings to 1900, the post-Civil War and Reconstruction Era.  The course has three objectives: a) to explore African American literature's continuing response to the call of African, American, and Afro-British American oral and written traditions-in the form of folktales, songs, sermons, prose, and poetry; b) to examine the social, political, and cultural influences of early African-American literature; and, c) to analyze the implications of this literature through class discussions and the following assignments: meaningful reading responses, one short essay, one oral presentation, one group presentation, and one final essay.  (Writing Intensive) (Same as Black Studies 3400, 1)