Studies in English: The Art and Science of Living

English 2000
The Art and Science of Living
Section 3
Alexandra Socarides
Strickland 204

This course is cross-listed with PSYCH 2003.

ENG2000/PSYCH2003: The Art & Science of Living

Professors Alexandra Socarides (English) and Laura King (Psychology)

Course Description

College students face the challenge of how to craft meaningful lives for themselves. This course provides them with a combination of knowledge, tools, inspiration, and space for reflection. This course exposes students to the ways in which the most essential topics of their everyday lives (i.e. happiness, intimacy, money, despair) have long been taken up by scientists and artists alike. The Monday lectures will focus on the “science” of these topics and the Wednesday lectures will approach those same topics through four artistic disciplines (literature, music, art, and theatre). In smaller Friday break-out sections, students will engage in a series of activities that complement what they have been learning in the classroom: from meditation to drawing, from drumming to silent reading. This class is capped at 100 students.


Assignments & Grading

- Attendance and in-class participation are essential.

- Out-of-class preparation will be minimal

- Each week there will be a short “mastery quiz” on Canvas that covers the materials presented in the Monday classes.

- Students will write 3 one-page critical reflections on a text or piece of art that they encountered in each of the course’s three units.