Studies In British Literature (Writing Intensive): Animal Companions

English 2200W
Animal Companions
Elizabeth Chang
Strickland 104

What happens when humans and animals live together? What kind of stories can be told about this relationship? In this course we will read novels, short stories and essays from Britain and the Anglophone diaspora that explore what it means to represent the human-animal companion relationship in fiction. We will try to understand something about what animals “mean” in our culture when we talk about them in narrative fiction and nonfiction. We will also work to understand the different ways that humans use animals to tell all kinds of stories, both wonderful and terrible. You will ask questions about how those stories came to be, and also about how (and why) they might be changed in the future. Texts to be read include Sewell, Black Beauty; Wells, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Coetzee, The Lives of Animals; Martel, The Life of Pi, and Lever, Me Cheeta.

This course fulfills the writing intensive requirement.