Seminar in Criticism and Theory: Racial Diasporas, Queer Theory, Feminisms, and New Materialisms

English 8060
Racial Diasporas, Queer Theory, Feminisms, and New Materialisms
Lynn Itagaki
Tate 310

We will examine some of the most significant debates in critical ethnic studies, transnational feminism, and queer theory: Black and Muslim diasporas, interracial relations, women of color feminism, queer of color critique, and new materialisms. Some important guiding frameworks are the cold war impact on civil rights and American studies; the establishment of cultural pluralism, multiculturalism, and ethnic studies in our political landscape and higher education; and finally, the theoretical and historical gender, sexual and racial formations of the “posts”-- post-civil rights, post-cold war, post-9/11, and post-racial eras. Throughout, we will map the demands of US empire in its turn-of the nineteenth-century, cold war, and neoliberal eras and the ethical projects developing within diasporic, comparative race, critical ethnic, feminist, and queer studies. Course requirements will include discussion posts, presentation, and final project.