Popular Literature: The Literature of Baseball (Online)

English 2150
The Literature of Baseball
Section 3
Marc McKee

This course is a Mizzou Online Semester Based Course

Baseball is commonly hailed as the most literary of sports. Over the past century, it has been represented in countless novels, stories, poems, and plays, and has spawned its own brand of essay and memoir. This course is a survey of literature about baseball. Through reading assorted literary works (as opposed to sports writing) in a variety of genres, we will consider why baseball has been such a prevalent muse for such a variety of American writers and how it has been represented, while honing our skills as writers about literature. As we do so, we will discuss the ways in which these writers use baseball as a context to portray other aspects of American life and culture. Weekly assignments include one or two on-line posts and responses to the posts' of others. (All coursework will be conducted on-line).

Required texts:
Underworld, Don DeLillo (prologue only)
Heart of the Order: Baseball Poems, Fried (editor)
Shoeless Joe, W. P. Kinsella
The Natural, Bernard Malamud
Baseball's Best Short Stories, Staudohar (editor)

Fences, August Wilson