Honors Exposition and Argumentation

English 1000H
Section 01
Jesutofunmi Omowumi
Middlebush 11

In this honors iteration of the class, we shall turn to the body as artifact and as a site of text. In other words, we shall be exploring how (our) bodies speak to us and speak about us. By paying attention to the body, the goal of this class as an intensive writing opportunity will be to articulate that which (our) bodies have always known so as to develop a sharper sense of identity and purpose in both academic and public contexts. In the words of Peter Brooks in Body Works: Objects of Desire in Modern Narrative, “It is as if identity, and its recognition, depended on the body having been marked with a special sign, which looks suspiciously like a linguistic signifier. . . . Signing or making the body signifies its passage into writing.