Genres, 1890-present: Creative Nonfiction: Literary Journalism

English 4109/7109
Creative Nonfiction: Literary Journalism
Section 1
Karen Piper
Tate 111

This course will focus on the genre of creative nonfiction, specifically focusing on literary journalism, a form of investigative journalism that utilizes techniques of creative writing.  We will discuss the authors, their stylistic choices, and the issues they write about, including war reporting, muckraking, and environmental journalism.  We will read some of the classic reporters in this field, like Martha Gellhorn, Joan Didion, and John McPhee. While discussing the complex and sometimes controversial topics these authors write about, we will learn more about the difficult choices and potential pushback that can emerge from representing facts in a creative way. We will also discuss the fine line between memoir, creative nonfiction, and literary journalism in essays from In Fact: The Best of Creative Nonfiction.