Creative Writing: Introduction to Poetry

English 1530
Section 01
Shea Boresi
9:30AM - 10:45AM

Poetry asks us to relearn what language can do, to approach it with fresh attention and an expanded sense of possibility. This course will immerse students in English-language poetry, focusing primarily on contemporary poems. We will read to foster a sense of discovery, to hone close-reading skills, and to train the ear for sound. We will consider how formal elements contribute to meaning in poems. Through guided writing exercises and reflections, we will build an individualized knowledge of craft. Over the course of the semester, students will be guided into a more open workshop model, learning to provide constructive feedback on their peers’ work, and to incorporate feedback into their own revision processes. The course will culminate with a portfolio of revised poetry and reflective writing. The portfolio will include a final reflection on the student’s evolving poetics, in which they will emphasize the meaning-making possibilities in poetry that are most exciting to them.