Creative Writing: Introduction to Nonfiction Prose

English 1520
Section 02
Cassie Donish
11:00AM - 12:15PM

In light of the notion that memory and truth are subjective, how can we still strive to tell stories that are true?

In this course, we will take risks together. We will explore the dynamic genre of creative nonfiction, including memoir, personal essay, literary journalism, and the lyric essay. We will experiment with the limits of the genre, approaching readings with an eye toward craft. This means we will not only read and admire the work of established writers, but also identify what is and isn’t useful to us, borrowing techniques and testing them in our own writing. In this way, we’ll apply rigor to our own reading and writing practices. Students will keep a notebook of free-write exercises, engage in peer workshops of each other’s essays, and join a discussion that currently has a great deal of momentum in the literary world. We’ll also consider who is at the forefront of this field, including historically underrepresented voices.

Skills learned in this class are directly applicable to every area of college study.