Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction: Women and Fiction-Writing: A Room of One's Own

English 1510
Women and Fiction-Writing: A Room of One's Own
Section 1
Trudy Lewis
Strickland 309

In this introductory class, we will practice the techniques of fiction using a body of female-authored texts as our models.  This will allow us to consider questions of gender and power alongside elements of craft. Topics include: setting (safe space/alien space/domestic space), characterization (gender norms & transgressions), point of view (writing the other), dialogue (Bechdel test), plotting (Is the Aristotelian plot inherently patriarchal?) and genre (considering, for example, the recent success of women in fantasy and S/F). We will work with two textbooks, Characters, Emotion, & Viewpoint (Nancy Kress) and Women & Fiction (Susan Cahill) in addition to several works of contemporary fiction, including The Hunger Games (Suzanne Collins), Now We Will Be Happy (Amina Gauthier), and All Grown Up  (Jami Attenberg). Students will complete a number of in-class writing assignments, 3-4 collaborative stories, 3-4 formal writing exercises, a full-length story, and a revision.