Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction

English 1510
Introduction to the Short Story
Section 04
Samantha Edmonds
11:00AM - 12:15PM

This class is centered around two main beliefs: 1) to be a writer is to be a citizen of a community and 2) in order to do good writing, we need to read good writing. Towards those goals, each week we will read and discuss contemporary stories, learning a vocabulary for discussing the craft of writing and getting a sense of the literary landscape; every week will focus on a slightly different aspect of scene and story (character, dialogue, point of view, etc.). Assigned readings will stimulate discussions and provide models for what creative writing is and can be; these readings will cover an array of fiction genres, from realism to speculative fiction and magical realism, in order to provide students the opportunity to breakdown and rebuild what it means for work to be “literary.” Then, students will have the chance to write their own original short fiction. This course will require students to read both the assigned weekly reading and the work of their peers. As we move through the semester, we will transition to peer workshop, in which students will discuss their work as a group with the instructor as facilitator and guide.My hope is that students leave this class emerging citizens of the literary community and more confident writers, capable of analyzing elements of craft in the work of others’ and applying such techniques to their own work.