Creative Writing: Introduction to Fiction

English 1510
Section 03
Lacey Rowland
Arts and Science 103A

The goal of this course is for you to write fiction, and to discover what it feels like to “be a writer.”  Although most of us probably don’t want to make a career of writing fiction, the purpose of this course is to help you discover the role writing (and reading as a writer) can play in your life regardless of career choice. Stories are always relevant and enlivening, and are an integral part of how we make sense of the world. In this class, we will cultivate some basic skills with which to create invigorating short stories that are in conversation with the contemporary literary landscape. As part of our exploration of what it feels like to be a writer, we will engage with the writing community more locally by attending a public reading. We will read Thrill Me: Essays on Fiction (Benjamin Percy) and the Best American Short Stories of 2018 (Edited by Roxane Gay). We will craft original short stories, keep a writing notebook, generate new material through writing exercises, reflect on craft and readings, and compose thoughtful feedback letters in response to our peers’ work.